Making Foliage Borders

A house is often not a home until the owner adds a personal touch, and many of them have found foliage borders are a good way to begin creating curb appeal outside their home. They see it as a way to define their space, but they want to ensure it looks good when they approach. There are many different types of plants that can be used, and the effect can be stunning or demure. Seasonal variations can lend an air of festivity, or they might show the starkness of nature.

Hedges are a good way to combine space definition with decoration in the yard, and they are often used as borders around the house and grounds. Some of them are nothing more than green foliage that is trimmed neatly, but other plants have seasonal blooms. Many homeowners have found that weekly trimming is needed for many hedges, so they might choose boxwoods for their slow growth. These hedges are green throughout the year, but they do not have blooms.

Seasonal beauty could be important to those who want their home to stand out, so choosing plants that will occasionally bloom and be easy to keep is often what modern homeowners seek. Azaleas are one of the many plants now used in hedges because they bloom in spring, but they can then be trimmed to keep their shape throughout the rest of the year. They require little maintenance for those who want to spend more time admiring their home than working on the landscaping.

There are many ways foliage can be used to enhance and define the outside of a home, but choosing the right plants depends upon the availability of the homeowners for seasonal maintenance. Many of the easiest plants to care for in maturity take years to grow, but their lack of speedy progress makes them ideal for those with patience.