Crafting Outdoor Beauty


Planting for the Seasons

Flowers are often a colourful and attractive part of any garden, but their blooms do not always last very long. Taking the time to plan a garden is all part of the fun of creating something that will be amazing all during the year. While a strict knowledge of plants is not a necessity, knowing something about when different plants will bloom can enhance it. There are many choices that can result in blooms all during the year, so planting for the seasons might be a good consideration.

Spring is a time of renewal and budding, and there are plants that will bloom as soon as the frost is gone. Many of them come in the form of bulbs, and they will arise every year to be the first to grace the garden. The length of time they bloom may vary, yet their grace and beauty can still be enjoyed for whatever time they are present.

Late spring and early summer often sees many flowers sprouting on plants. It would be good to take a hard look at this time of year, and choosing different areas for these plants could present a colourful array without overwhelming those enjoying the garden. It will take a bit of knowledge and planning to get everything just right, but the effort should be well worth it as the garden comes to live in an amazing burst of many different colours.

Fall and winter blooming plants tend to be a bit rare, but there are still some. Those plants that bloom during the trek from summer to winter are often ones that will come back year after year. For those who want some colour during the winter, bushes with berries are often a good choice. The green of the leaves makes the garden feel more like it is resting, and the beauty of the berries against it may make the winter season feel softer.