Crafting Outdoor Beauty


Separating Spaces

There are times when a flowing lawn can be beautiful, but some areas might need their own appeal to look right. Fencing can be a good way to create boundaries inside a large lawn, but they might not look beautiful. Using rocks to create half walls or small areas that shut out parts of the lawn can be a good way of separating spaces into areas with special foliage. The trick is to plan what they will contain and then find the right material to surround them.

Low rock walls have long been a good way to create a special area inside a yard, and there are now plenty of options for landscaping. Plastic can be used instead of heavy stones, but the look can be the same in the end. The decision on what materials to use will often be due to the type of landscaping needed, so looking at the density of the soil, the tilt of the lawn, and how much raising will be needed for the best look are all factors.

Building around trees has become a popular way to create order within a lawn, but it allows the natural landscape to shine. Concrete borders have become popular in some areas, but plastic made to look like wood is also a good way of fencing in the natural foliage. Each option has its own appeal, and those who might want a different look could also consider using landscaping stones.

While enhancing the beauty of trees within a large lawn can be done with borders, even bedding plants might look better with their own spaces. Raising the beds is often a good way to keep weeds and grass out of them so it has become a popular option. The bedding areas might not need large boundaries, but the same options that are used to separate trees can be matched when the beds are planned to create an overall harmonious look.